Senior Advisor

EMBRIO Senior Advisors 2018-2019

Dr. Ir. Neviaty Zamani

Prof. Neviaty Zamani

Dr. Ir. Fedi Sondita


EMBRIO International Senior Advisor 2017
Dr. Carsten Thoms

DAAD Long-term Lecturer in Marine Sciences
Bogor Agricultural University (IPB)


  • Advises and supports the Steering Committee and the Executive Board in their activities by…
    • …participating in the conceptualization of EMBRIO activities and providing support in the development of strategic concepts for EMBRIO
    • …informing about international standards and providing an international perspective
    • …promoting partnerships with international researchers, organizations and Marine Biodiversity networks
    • …supporting the development of EMBRIO strategic papers and public outreach materials
    • …contributing activities in collaboration with EMBRIO members

> EMBRIO Steering Committee
> EMBRIO Executive Board
> EMBRIO Management Office


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