Event Archive: International Collaboration Grants for EMBRIO Research (1 April 2015)

KHC Research

Two EMBRIO funding proposals have been awarded funding starting from April 2015 within the DIKTI-RISTEK grant scheme ‘International Collaboration & Publication’. The Principal Investigators of these projects entitled “Induced Chemical Defenses of Indonesian Macroalgae and their Endophytic Fungi against Microbial Pathogens – Potential Source for Anti-Dengue Lead Compounds” and “Counteracting Loss of Biotechnological Resources & Ecosystem Functions caused by potentially Climate Change-driven Sponge Invasions into Indonesian Coral Reefs”, Dr. Kustiariyah Tarman and Dr. Hawis Madduppa, aim to initiate joint ventures in research and research training together with several Indonesian collaborators and with partners in Germany at the University of Oldenburg and the University of Jena.

KHC Team

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