Event Archive: EMBRIO International Consortium Workshop (October 8-9, 2015)

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To the EMBRIO Consortium Workshop in Bogor on October 8-9, 2015, the participants of the EMBRIO Field Convention (held from October 3-7, 2015) as well as representatives from the Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) and other Indonesian universities, agencies, and organizations were invited. The scientific scope of the event has two focus areas: “Coral Reefs in Transition” (i.e. introducing the participants to the outcome of the EMBRIO Field Convention that had been previously held together with international partners) and “Tuna Research” (representing another current priority field within EMBRIO).

Workshop Sessions ‘Coral Reefs in Transition

October 8-9, 2015

Session 1. Research Collaboration “Coral Reef in Transition – Social Ecological Linkages between Shifting Small Island Communities and Changes in Ecosystems”

Session 2. International EMBRIO Field Course & Training Activities

Session 3.  Defining the partnership – How to agree on right and duties in a collaboration even before the project start?

Session 4. Funding Opportunities

Session 5. Coral Reef in Transition – Defining a Roadmap for Collaborative Activities

> Summary of Workshop Outcomes (Download PDF file, 920 kB)

> Call for ‘Letters of Intent’ to participate in EMBRIO Consortium “Coral Reefs in Transition”



Workshop Sessions ‘Tuna Research

Defining a Roadmap for Collaborative Activities

  • Podium Discussion
  • Plenary Discussion
  • Conclusion & Outlook


> Download: Program & Agenda of the EMBRIO Consortium Workshop (PDF file, 1.9 MB)


Welcome to the participants by IPB Director for Research & Innovation, Prof. Dr. Iskandar Siregar, on behalf of the IPB Vice Rector for Research & Collaboration, Prof. Dr. Anas M. Fauzi


Opening Speech by Prof. Dr. Indra Jaya, Dean of the IPB Faculty for Fisheries & Marine Sciences and Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the EMBRIO Initiative


Introduction into the topic “Coral Reefs in Transition” and the results of the EMBRIO Field Convention by Dr. Carsten Thoms (EMBRIO International Senior Advisor & DAAD Long-term Lecturer at IPB)


Intensive discussion with representatives from numerous Indonesian universities at the EMBRIO Consortium Workshop in Bogor (Oct 8-9, 205)


EMBRIO Director Dr. Neviaty Zamani


The moderator team for the EMBRIO Consortium Workshop “Coral Reefs in Transition” : Dr. Carsten Thoms and Dr. Luky Adrianto


University representatives


Presentation by Budiati Prasetiamartati, Program Manager Knowledge Sector Initiative (KSI Indonesia)



Presentation by Prof. Dr. James Bell, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand


Joint presentation by Dr. Hawis Madduppa (IPB Bogor, Indonesia) and Prof. Dr. Peter Schupp (University of Oldenburg, Germany)


The Technical Team that – in a very professional manner – ensured that everything was going well during the workshop.

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