Event Archive: 1st EMBRIO International Partners Workshop (16-17 April 2015)


The EMBRIO International Partner Workshops are a new forum for dialogue between Indonesian scientists and international marine biodiversity experts. Guests from renowned marine research institutes from around the globe who are interested in joint ventures together with Indonesian partners are invited to present their research in this forum to provide the basis for discussions about potential collaborations in research, education, and scientist exchange.

Guests at the 1st EMBRIO International Partners Workshop:

  • Prof. Dr. James Bell (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand), Professor for Marine Biology, Director of the VUW Master of Marine Conservation Program
  • Dr. Till Oehler (Center for Tropical Marine Research (ZMT), Bremen, Germany), Postdoctoral Researcher in the Research Group ‘Submarine Groundwater Discharge’

Download: Workshop Agenda

EMBRIO IntPartnersWorkshop2015_01b

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