EMBRIO Communication Platforms

To further promote the distribution of information within the EMBRIO Network among the EMBRIO Members, an EMBRIO Mailing List has been installed, which is open to all EMBRIO Members upon registration. Please contact to subscribe.

Information is distributed to the general public through the EMBRIO Homepage ( featuring a news section on its start page, as well as through an EMBRIO Facebook page.


EMBRIO International Symposium Series & Status Workshops

Regular EMBRIO networking events are of special importance to enhance visibility, communication, and collaboration in Indonesian Marine Biodiversity Research. To allow for an effective, continuous dialogue between the EMBRIO Executive Board and the members of the EMBRIO Network regarding future strategies and agendas, annual status workshops are being held with invited members. In 2014, an annual EMBRIO International Symposium Series has been established, which is planned to be continued in the following years. These international symposia allow discussing current world-wide developments and hot topics in Marine Biodiversity Research in an international forum.

Photos and videos of past EMBRIO Events can be viewed in the EMBRIO Media Gallery.

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