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Online Database “Who’s Who in Indonesian Marine Biodiversity Research”

Prerequisite to being able to form new coalitions in research is to be aware of potential new partners and their scientific expertise. With the numerous existing research institutions and their sometimes complex structure, it can be challenging to get this overview in Indonesia. Especially when it comes to forming interdisciplinary teams, this can be a serious obstacle, both for new partnerships within Indonesia but also for international scientists searching for Indonesian collaborators. EMBRIO, with its aim to promote innovative international collaborations at the interfaces of traditional research disciplines, therefore, provides assistance in overcoming this problem by an Online Expert Database installed as part of the EMBRIO Homepage.

Current Lists (under construction):

  • Sponge Researchers in Indonesia
  • Marine Biodiversity Taxonomists in Indonesia

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Links to informative resources / data resources in the context of Marine Biodiversity Research

There is a plethora of information freely available at the numerous institutions that are about to form the EMBRIO Network. However, as yet, this information is very scattered and, because of a lack of overview, it is extremely difficult to access. This includes raw data on environmental parameters, published experimental data, policy & regulation texts, research agendas and much more. EMBRIO aims to build up a central portal to access such information through the EMBRIO Homepage, facilitating more effective data use.


Overview of research funding opportunities (national + international)

In order for the EMBRIO Researchers to be successful in competitive research grant acquisition, it is important for them to learn in time about new calls for grant proposals. EMBRIO aims to support this by publishing calls on the EMBRIO Homepage rapidly after their launch.

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