Activities and Services

The EMBRIO Initiative aims to establish a multi-disciplinary network of university and non-university research institutes as well as non-governmental organizations and governmental agencies all over Indonesia. The objective is to create a communication hub between these institutions and a central gate into Indonesia for international scientists and research institutions seeking Indonesian collaborators.

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EMBRIO will foster integration of scientific expertise and encourage joining forces at the interfaces of traditional scientific disciplines. We believe that this interdisciplinarity will result in synergies that promote research innovation and strengthen approaches to counteract the complex environmental threats currently faced by Indonesian marine ecosystems.

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For sustainable capacity-building at Indonesia’s universities, EMBRIO has a strong focus on the training of students and young researchers, fostering human resources exchange among the partnering institutions both on a national and an international level.

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Information on Marine Biodiversity issues is highly scattered in Indonesia and oftentimes inaccessible to individual researchers and decision-makers. EMBRIO aims to become a central information portal on Indonesia’s Marine Biodiversity to enhance the impact of Marine Biodiversity Research through sharing knowledge.

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A list of past EMBRIO Activities together with brief, illustrated reports can be found in the “News Archive“.